In space for the first time I baked a cake: impressive video

In space for the first time made cookies. An unusual experiment staged on the international space station.

To do this in November at the orbit delivered innovative oven that you can cook in zero gravity. The experiment was carried out in December, says BCC.

The first portion of biscuits, which were kept in the oven for 30 minutes, came out raw. Then the astronauts left the dough to bake for two hours, and the result was comparable with that obtained on the earth’s kitchen.

В космосе впервые испекли печенье: впечатляющее видео

В космосе впервые испекли печенье: впечатляющее видео

Space cookies

However, the crew did not try dessert. Because he was sent to Earth to study.

At NASA and in the future I plan to experiment with cooking in microgravity. It could help in the colonization of the moon or Mars. Meanwhile, astronauts in the rocket only heat up already prepared for them on the Earth food, just spreading the concentrates of hot water.

People planning to travel in space for many months. It could be six months, 12 or even 18 to get for example to Mars. It’s not very cool to eat food, squeezing it from tubes,
– said the Professor of Scientific research Institute of Georgia.

Video: in space made cookies

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