In Spain the number of deaths due to hurricane Gloria reached 13 people

В Испании количество погибших из-за урагана "Глория" достигло 13 человек

In Spain, the hurricane “Gloria” took the lives of 13 people, therefore the government has decided to convene an emergency meeting on Friday. About it reports Reuters.

After Catalan authorities announced found two bodies on Thursday, the number of dead from the disaster has reached 13 people. The first of these people died while fishing in the coastal town’ametlla de Mar. Swept into the sea. The second man was found dead in his car in Cubase where there was a flood. Four people are still considered missing.

“I think it is important now for us to unite and cooperate shoulder to shoulder, what we do,” said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to reporters after a flight over from the hurricane affected areas of Eastern Spain.

The government convened an emergency meeting to help citizens return to normal life, to ensure safety and to meet short-term and medium-term needs of people affected by the storm.

The national meteorological authority said that the storm began to recede, but more than 100 roads remained closed, and tens of thousands of students could not attend school.

Near Barcelona, in the small town of Tossa de Mar, foamy waves of water flooded several streets. Because of the storm the roads were covered with snow, and farmland flooded. In the North-East of Spain salt water engulfed thousands of hectares of rice fields. Hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity.

В Испании количество погибших из-за урагана "Глория" достигло 13 человек