In Spain the statues of the XII century painted cat face: funny pictures – 24 Channel

В Іспанії статуї XII століття намалювали котячу морду: курйозні фото - 24 Канал

In Spain the police are looking for vandals who painted on marble statue of the Saint in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela XII century cat’s face. Now the sculpture is cleaned off the paint with the help of laser technology.

The vandals could face a fine of 150 thousand euros, reports The Local.

Assume that the vandals were fans of the band Kiss, and resemble cat whiskers stage make-up drummer Eric singer.

Spanish police on their official Twitter page asked the citizens about the help in finding the vandals. They face a fine of 150 thousand euros.

The Cathedral of Santiago is a world heritage site. It belongs to us all. In addition to demonstrating a complete lack of respect and citizenship that this act of vandalism is a crime
– stated in the message.

By the way, in USA 5-year-old boy smashed a statue worth 130 thousand dollars. When he grabbed the breast of the statue, the design did not survive and died from the fall.

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