In “Spetstechnoexport” I reject the accusations of the SBU in the abuse

В "Спецтехноэкспорте" отвергают обвинения СБУ в злоупотреблениях

In “Fully” to emphasize that any statement of the SBU about the abuse of officials of state-owned enterprises are far-fetched and manipulative and those which undermine the business reputation of Rosoboronexport and its employees in international markets.

This is stated in an open letter to GP “Spetstechnoexport” to the acting head of SBU Ivan Bakanov.

“Spetstechnoexport” recalls that concluded the state contract with the State border guard service for supply of suspension system of early detection.

At the company emphasize that “Spetstechnoexport” “is only defined by the legislation as a mediator and is not a steward of public funds”.

“Our company does not determine the presence or absence of buyers in the purchase of a product, the need is established by customer or the highest body of its management. GP “Spetstechnoexport” does not form the state defense order and does not monitor its implementation,” the letter reads.

“Any “abuse” by officials of GP “Spetstechnoexport” is excluded the system is delivered, the payment is listed for the manufacturer in the United States on the basis of an irrevocable letter of credit upon presentation of documents confirming the delivery.

The system was commissioned and accepted by the state border service. In addition, during a visit to Mariupol at the end of 2016, US senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Amy Klobuchar personally visited the installation site of the system”, – emphasized in “Spetstechnoexport”.

The company notes that the suspension system is operated by the state border service, and the American manufacturer has opened in Ukraine service center, carrying out maintenance and support of the system.

“Therefore, statements and public accusations of “abuse” are far-fetched and manipulative, including that undermine the business reputation of Rosoboronexport and its employees in international markets. In the last days we are approached by many partners. They are concerned about the presence of such strange accusations, which, moreover, was distorted and interpreted differently in the media,” – said in an open letter.

In “Spetstechnoexport” I declare that to the published SBU information”, it remains unclear what “large-scale abuse” was “exposed” the officers and how the enterprise can organize the supply of defense products without a specific authorized state bodies needs.”


July 22, in the premises of the Cabinet of Ministers, state border service, the State fiscal service and “Fully” were searched.

The search was conducted because of the revealed facts of a taking almost 6,8 million dollars in the defense sector at the conclusion of the foreign company contract with one of the enterprises of “Ukroboronprom” for the supply of the state border service of suspension systems of early detection.

As a result, the SBU reported about the exposure of officials “Fully” on the large-scale abuses, which caused damage to the state budget by nearly 6.8 million dollars.

The company said that the acquisition of the “Spetstechnoexport” of 6.8 million dollars paid by the American company for the supplied equipment is not possible, because the company is an authorized exporter of the state and is not a steward of public funds, and the supply of equipment was carried out pursuant to the decision of the government.