In Spite Of Poroshenko! Kravchuk was stunned by the appeal to Zelensky. Gave advice

Наперекор Порошенко! Кравчук ошарашил обращением к Зеленскому. Дал совет

Vladimir Zelensky is to build relations with the residents of the occupied Crimea

Such statement in interview to the Russian journalists made the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk.

According to him, after the victory of Vladimir Zelensky need to change the state policy of Ukraine in the occupied Crimea and its inhabitants, by establishing with them the “human relations”, going thus against the tactics of the incumbent President Petro Poroshenko.

“It is necessary to remove all blockades. The issues related to water, electricity and so on, should be resolved by civilized market”, – said Kravchuk.

“Developing and deepening relations between Ukraine and the Crimea, gradually able to come “to the correct conclusions” – no doubt the first President of Ukraine.

It should be noted that the statement by Leonid Kravchuk have already received a response from Vladimir Putin. In particular, the controversial Senator Alexei Pushkov argues that carrying the hope of the “creeping return” of the Peninsula is not worth it.

“Consulting Zelensky to lift the blockade of the Crimea, Kravchuk believes that it separates the Crimea from Ukraine, and normal relations would bring it closer to her. We should not nurture the hope of a “creeping return” of the Crimea. But the idea of lifting the blockade is reasonable. Test to Zelensky,” wrote close to Vladimir Putin, the Senator in his microblog Twitter.

Earlier, Patriarch Filaret congratulated Vladimir Zelensky elected President of Ukraine. About this he wrote on the official page in social network Facebook.

In the message, Patriarch Filaret wrote that “the Ukrainian people in the presidential elections demonstrated the high standards of democracy. In addition, elected Vladimir Zelensky in the day of the inauguration, as he wrote Filaret, the Lord will put on the new President great responsibility for the fate of every citizen of Ukraine.

“Before God and the people you will give the oath of all their Affairs to protect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, to care about the welfare of the Motherland and the welfare of the Ukrainian people, to defend the rights and freedoms of citizens, to abide by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws, to perform my duties in the interests of all compatriots, raise the authority of Ukraine in the world,” wrote Filaret.

Also Politeka wrote that the first President Kravchuk appealed to Zelensky.

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Наперекор Порошенко! Кравчук ошарашил обращением к Зеленскому. Дал совет

Наперекор Порошенко! Кравчук ошарашил обращением к Зеленскому. Дал совет