In St. Petersburg demolished the legendary sports complex: residents outraged

В Петербурге снесли легендарный спорткомплекс: жители возмущены

Saint Petersburg 31 Jan lost one of its most recognizable buildings – sports-concert complex “Petersburg”. During dismantling of the roof collapsed 80 percent of the building and killed a worker.

The debate about the future of the sport-concert complex (SCC) “St. Petersburg” was a few years. In October 2019, the city government finally decided to pass the CCM business to build the world’s largest ice arena. Opposition members of the Legislative Assembly and members of the movement “Beautiful Petersburg” is required to save the stadium, which over the years have played legendary matches your favorite city’s football team “Zenit” and spoke of Viktor Tsoi, Madonna, Lady Gaga.

In the end, January 29, the city government signed a concession agreement on the reconstruction of the sports complex with “SKA-arena”. It controls the former official in the Smolny Igor Sabiran close to the leadership of a sports club SKA. Wrote Internet portal “Fontanka”, Sabiran headed the company “mter Saint-Petersburg”, which in Moscow “mter” was associated with “TEK Mosenergo” – the structure of the Rotenberg brothers. Roman Rotenberg is the Vice President of SKA.

The opposition of public officials over the fact that the company “SKA-arena” complex was demolished almost immediately after signing the agreement.

The CCM could become in 2020 a protected monument

“Petersburg” was built in the year of the Moscow Olympics – 1980. Round the building of the stadium was considered an example of late Soviet modernism in architecture. This year the CCM could become a protected monument: 40 years after its construction, the opportunity to submit an application for the recognition of the identified object of cultural heritage.

Such application December 30, 2019 submitted by the deputies of the Parliament of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky (the party “Apple”) and Aleksandr Rassudov (Communist party) in city Committee on protection of monuments (KGIOP). According to them, the act of acceptance into operation of the CCM was signed on 29 December 1979. As reported by DW Wisniewski, a week ago from the Committee, the answer came that to apply will be available only after January 31.

“On Monday we had planned to submit a new application, says Wisniewski. We could not imagine that today they will begin the demolition.” The MP said that even the registration of such application to the Committee would not interfere with the demolition of the CCM. “The problem was in the agreement under which the developer was able to do the dismantling. Here they have used”.

The Prosecutor General’s office asking to check the legality of the demolition

Now that the application Committee has lost all meaning, the city’s protectors rely only on law enforcement agencies. An appeal to the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov were the representatives of the St. Petersburg branch of “Fair Russia”. “As far as we know, the building itself SKK “Petersburg” was not transferred to the concessionaire in the operational management for the start of works on designing of reconstruction,” the statement says. In this regard, signatories are asked to conduct a field test about the legality of the demolition work, and find out if there was any violation of the law at the conclusion of the agreement between the government of St. Petersburg and the company “SKA-arena”.

“This is not just some ordinary working the building – said in an interview with DW, the leader of St. Petersburg “socialist” Marina Shishkina. Is the CCM, which is very much connected. This stadium, which Zenit won the USSR championship in football.”

The former CCM 2 February Miting

On the day of demolition to the CCM began to attract residents of the Moscow region. “The destruction of the CCM gives me mixed feelings, said living near DW stadium, Vladimir – on the one hand, it is associated with childhood and adolescence, and on the other, he emanated a feeling of some longing.” About 22.00 concerned citizens came to the CCM with candles and flowers – in order to “honor the memory” of the destroyed complex.

On February 2, activists planned a consistent rally near the stadium. The action was planned even before the demolition of the building, so the location in social networks indicate: “Now the former CCM”. “We must demand to punish those who made this possible and those who demolished,” said Boris Vishnevsky DW.

В Петербурге снесли легендарный спорткомплекс: жители возмущены

В Петербурге снесли легендарный спорткомплекс: жители возмущены