In St. Petersburg every fifth sick employee “first aid”

В Санкт-Петербурге болен каждый пятый сотрудник "скорой помощи"

The authorities of St.-Petersburg has informed that currently every fifth employee of the city, “ambulance” sick, writes “Fontanka”.

This circumstance, as well as severe epidemiological situation, has led to the fact that patients have much longer to wait for an ambulance than usual.

As stated by the head of Department on organization of outpatient medical services of the health Committee of St. Petersburg Larisa Solovyova, “if last year the patient with a high temperature, as a rule, remained in place, but now it’s usually hospitalization or a referral to the center of the CT”.

In the last 24 hours the number of victims of coronavirus diseases in St. Petersburg has almost doubled compared to the previous day: 5-6 June died 55 people are diagnosed with COVID-19.