In St. Petersburg will hold the race of patients debit

В Санкт-Петербурге проведут забег больных дебетом

September 28, Institute of obstetrics and gynecology. Otto will hold a race povedeny diabetes. The organizers are confident that sport and a healthy lifestyle significantly increases a woman’s chances of pregnancy and birth of healthy children, despite the illness.

In the long run of two kilometers will involve not only patient of the clinic, but their doctors. The organizers invite to join all interested persons. The race will be different from the usual one by the fact that before and after him, all participants measure the level of sugar in the blood. Experts are sure that the result will be evident.

In addition, before the race, the leading endocrinologists of the clinic will hold a master class “Insulin therapy during exercise.”

Gathering of participants will take place on September 28 in the lobby of the research Institute at 12.30 PM.

Research Institute of obstetrics and gynecology. Ottoresearch Institute of obstetrics and gynecology. Otto is a unique clinic, one of the few that deals with the management of pregnancy in women with different pathologies of health, including diabetes. “Otowska mile health” – so the organizers of the research Institute named Ott decided to call the race. The doctors clinic a great experience – have already produced 500 000 babies in women with diabetes. According to them, regular exercise normalize blood pressure, promote weight loss and overweight is the main cause of diabetes of the 2nd type.


In pregnant women with overweight and diabetes are much higher risks of miscarriage, infertility, birth of children with pathologies.

Statistics are still not happy – every third woman in Russia is overweight.