In Sumy veterans ATO with Day of the defender congratulated propaganda video with fighters – 24 Channel

На Сумщині ветеранів АТО з Днем захисника привітали пропагандистським відео з бойовиками - 24 Канал

In Konotop, Sumy region, on the occasion of the day of defender of Ukraine, veterans of the war in the Donbass congratulated the video, which was shown of the militants, their leaders and hostile propaganda symbols.

According to TSN, the event in the local Palace of culture was invited about five hundred of veterans, policemen and soldiers.

During the dance numbers on the big screen was derived fragments from the propaganda clip of one of Russian singers and then the audience saw the leaders of the militants in particular have already been liquidated Alexander Zakharchenko and symbols pseudorepublic.

A fragment of the video at the celebrations for the Day of defender saw the soldiers ATO


In the end, the Ukrainian soldiers left the room and started to figure out what it was.

“At first it was a misunderstanding. I wanted to understand how this could happen, that at this concert there is a video. The anger, the outrage was,” said veteran Bogdan Wojciechowski.

As it turned out the results of an urgent meeting in the city Council, the concert was organized by the Department of culture, really, where did the provocative video, its Director Elena Shinkarenko can not understand – said that at the rehearsal of this material was not.

Sergei Sarala, Director of culture, who was involved in the video dances, for its part, explained all technical program crashes and the carelessness of editors.

“That was the theme of war in the East, soldiers of the ATO, but who knows what flew program, and we are already in the day of the event, it was at 12 o’clock, and the concert at four and I run, run from the Internet was rocked,” said the man

На Сумщині ветеранів АТО з Днем захисника привітали пропагандистським відео з бойовиками - 24 Канал
Footage from boevikami and their symbols Ukrainian soldiers saw during the dance numbers

According to the acting mayor of Konotop Tatiana Season, such negligence and stupidity “of the people who are responsible for the cultural sector who are responsible for this concert have now to write a letter of resignation”.

Consequently, their posts may lose four officials: Deputy mayor, head of administration, head of the culture house and artistic Director.

We will add that in fact the incident initiated criminal proceedings – deliberate actions aimed at inciting ethnic hatred.

Now the police, SBU and Prosecutor’s office establish the organizer of this provocation and z assout circumstances. Also, the security Service of Ukraine have seized a video of the concert, working materials and documentation.

We will remind, recently in Sumy broke out yet another scandal, but involving the police – the patrol car “lit up” in the erotic video where half-naked women stroking the car sitting on the bumper and throw it at her seductive looks.

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