In Svyatogorsk hosted a forum, “the opposition bloc” “Power of Donbass”

В Святогорске прошел форум "Оппоблока" "Сила Донбасса"

During the forum developed a Road map “Power of Donbass”

Forum Opposition bloc “Power of Donbass” in Svyatogorsk gathered supporters from around the Donbass people’s deputies of Ukraine, candidates for deputies, mayors, heads of industrial enterprises, representatives of local authorities at all levels. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the press service of political power.

The main purpose of the forum is to work together to identify ways to achieve sustainable peace, to consider the future provisions of the new Constitution of Ukraine, to discuss the possibility of realization of the program of the “opposition bloc”, “New industrialization” to restore the industrial Donbass region. It was also about infrastructure projects for the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

The forum hosted a broad discussion of removing trade, transport and humanitarian blockade of Donbass, the restoration of all social benefits and civil rights of their residents.

The forum was opened by the mayor of the city Vadim Boychenko. He said: “the Power of Donbass is not an empty phrase. The strength of Ukraine is measured through the prism of cities. We are required to pass the maximum number of powers – we know how to develop our cities. Therefore, the team of the Opposition bloc joined the mayors of 70 Ukrainian cities. Developing city, we make Ukraine strong and prosperous. We are writing a new history of the country where there is no place for populism and no non-professional people.”

The mayor of Mariupol urged to restore peace in the Donbas. “We must stop the war that is already underway 1995 days, and to restore the infrastructure in the region. 100 billion dollars is the price for the restoration of Donbass. 2 million people received the status of internally displaced persons. Donbass is not a place on the map, and our native home. That’s why we go the professional team at elections to the VR. We want the voice of Donbass was finally heard.”

According to Boichenko, the economic success of cities, the mayors of which are part of the “opposition bloc”, should become a showcase of restored Donbass.

The mayor of Slavyansk Vadim Lyakh confident that the joint efforts of a team of “opposition bloc” will be able to implement infrastructure projects in the region and to return the Donbass to its former glory dynamic advanced industrial region: “Our team of professional managers will be able to make our country successful.”

According to the mayor of Pokrovsk Ruslan Trebuscica, it was an honor to be in the team of people who not in words but in deeds show that they know how to work for the development of Ukraine. “Our goal is to make the Donbass innovative. This is impossible without a full and deep decentralization. There will be strong regions – will be a strong state,” said Trepashkin.

General Director of public joint stock company “Novokramatorsky machine building plant” Gennady Sukov noted that over the 5 years of the current government two times GDP fell more than 40 percent have fallen incomes, 70 percent of Ukrainians live below the poverty line, destroyed the whole industry.

“We, “Oppositional block”, go to the Parliament to radically change the situation,” he said.

According to Musa Magomedov, General Director of public joint stock company “Avdiivka coke plant”, the company invests in infrastructure, social facilities.

“And people come back. In the most difficult times in Avdeyevka was only 7 thousand of the population, now 21 thousand. I consciously made the decision to run for BP, I’m sure, with our team we will be able to revive the country,” – said Magomedov.

The forum was summed up by the political force leader Eugene Moore: “Our program is based at 1575 bills and I call it “the new formula of the country.” The Donbass is a huge region, where 15 percent of the population and is concentrated to 25 percent of the industrial potential. Can’t be successful without a successful Ukraine Donbass. And Donbass should be a priority investment area for development. Together with a team of “Opposition bloc” we “fix” our country, restore peace and bring people a decent life.”

During the forum developed a Road map “Power of Donbass”. The document contains the decision of the mayors of the cities of Donbass, business representatives and politicians regarding the fate of the region.