In Sweden figured out how to reduce deaths from coronavirus

В Швеции придумали, как снизить смертность от коронавируса

The doctors at the academic hospital of Uppsala University have developed a way to restore light with the defeat of coronavirus. This was reported by the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

It is noted that lung is the primary complications of coronavirus disease, which often leads to death. Swedish doctors used to treat the donor cells from the bone marrow.

“After the introduction of cells from the bone marrow of a healthy donor showed improvement in blood oxygen saturation and a decrease in the expression of markers of inflammation,” said associate Professor of surgical Sciences at the academic hospital Sergey Rodin.

For therapeutic effect it is necessary to use from 1 to 2 million cells per kilogram weight of the patient. Now preparing the first phase of a clinical trial on nine patients with COVID-19. The test will be carried out on the basis of the academic hospital of Uppsala University.