In Sweden, started production of electrocyclic

В Швеции стартовало производство электроциклов

The Swedish company Regent Motorcycles launched serial production of light electrocycle under title NO.1.

Externally, the new development of the Swedish manufacturer’s reminiscent of motorcycles that was produced in the UK about 50 years ago. In frame electric bike battery is installed, this is what distinguishes it from the British two-wheelers.

The subject vehicle has a motor-wheel, the power level which can be from 11 to 20 horsepower. The maximum speed of electrocycle is equal to 130 kilometers per hour. On a single charge the vehicle can travel about 150 kilometers.

In keyhole fallslake Regent NO.1 is master controller. The equipment of the electric motorcycle includes the instrument panel with GPS (out of the General style) and a regenerative braking system.

The cost of a Swedish electric motorcycle is 9.5 thousand euros.