In Sweden, the sedan is equipped with a tank engine (VIDEO)

В Швеции седан оснастили танковым двигателем (ВИДЕО)

In Sweden, the Ford Crown Victoria, released about 15 years ago, equipped with a tank engine.

Enthusiast, the property which was the old vehicle, I decided to conduct its finalization. For this he gained the power unit is a Rolls-Royce Meteor, which volume – 27 liters.

The new car’s name, which he came up with enthusiast – Meteor Interceptor. He decided that this is a great “name” for a former COP car and tank engine.

According to the enthusiast, now he will prepare the vehicle for participation in racing competitions. The Swede plans to accelerate the car to a speed of 321 km/h.

Specialist had to significantly modify the car to get to set tank engine. Most of the forces had to invest in the suspension, which is now installed items from hard Chevrolet pickup C10.

Enthusiast admitted that to the tank of the power unit it is planned to buy a motor from a fighter, the amount of which is 37 liters. But this engine simply does not fit in the car.