In Sweden will investigate the actions of the authorities to combat coronavirus

В Швеции проведут расследование действий властей по борьбе с коронавирусом

The Swedish government formed a Commission to investigate the measures taken in the country to fight the epidemic COVID-19. This writes the Financial Times, citing a statement by the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Leuven.

The Commission will examine what measures against the coronavirus has adopted the Central and local government and as the Swedes complied with the recommended limits. In addition, the Commission will assess how well Sweden struggled with the epidemic compared to other countries.

The Commission will include experts in medicine, ethics and Economics. It will be headed by the former head of the Supreme administrative court of Sweden. A final report on its work, the Commission will present in February 2022, according to Bloomberg.

As the Financial Times, the Commission was established under pressure from the opposition, criticized the approach of the government Stephen Leuven to fight the epidemic.

Sweden, unlike the absolute majority of the European countries has introduced strict quarantine for COVID-19. They stopped mass action and closed cinemas and museums, but continued to work in primary schools, cafes, hair salons and shopping malls.

The result of this strategy was a much higher morbidity and mortality than in neighbouring countries of Northern Europe. In Sweden, the coronavirus has infected 69 thousand people died 5370 people. Most of them being over the age of 70 years.

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