In Switzerland ill 1000 people a day

В Швейцарии заболевают по 1000 человек в сутки

The Federal office of health Switzerland said on Monday about 8060 positive tests for the presence of coronavirus in the country has died at 66. Thus, in recent days the number of infected people increased by 1046, and the dead – six.

“The positive tests received to date have 8060 people died, 66 people”, – specifies the Agency. According to a Sunday in the country, 7014 infected with coronavirus and 60 cases with a fatal outcome.

The first infected was recorded in Switzerland on February 25.

According to the Department of health the map, most of the disease has affected the Canton of Ticino, bordering Italy, died there 37 people and was on average 326,9 cases for every 100 thousand inhabitants. On the second place by incidence of the Canton of Vaud (235,5). Followed by polyanion Basel-Stadt (222,8), the cantons of Geneva (136,3), Grisons (133,6) and Vale (128,2). High incidence was also noted in the Principality of Liechtenstein (117,3), statistics about the state of Affairs in which every day publishes the Swiss office.

The Swiss government on 20 March tightened rules regarding combat the spread of coronavirus – it is prohibited to gather outside the home in groups of more than five people, you must keep distance between people at least 2 m. This requirement applies to public places and parks, for violating the police give tickets. People older than 65 years and all patients were recommended to stay at home. State of emergency declared until April 19.

Increased control at the borders, closed (except for special cases) the entry of residents of Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and France, suspended for three months the results of the Swiss and Schengen visas. Shops, markets, restaurants, bars, museums and cinemas are not working. Until April 4, canceled classes in schools. Swiss trade unions said on Monday about the cancellation of the may 1st demonstrations in defense of workers ‘ rights.