In Tehran in the clinic, an explosion occurred, media reported 19 dead

В Тегеране в клинике произошел взрыв, СМИ сообщают о 19 погибших

The explosion that occurred on the evening of June 30 at the medical clinic in Sina Atha in the Iranian capital Tehran, killing 19 people. About this informed the Agency ISNA.

After the explosion the building caught fire.

According to the Agency, among the victims were 15 women and four men.

Representatives of the emergency assistance of Iran announced that hospitalized seven injured victims 14: a boy and three girls, fireman and three women.

ISNA said that the majority of those killed in the fourth and fifth floors of the building. The spokesman stressed that the probability of the second explosion has not yet been resolved.

According to the Agency irinn, the gas tank exploded. The explosion damaged neighboring buildings.