In Tehran in the hospital was a large-scale explosion: 13 dead and 6 wounded (photos, video)

В Тегеране в госпитале произошел масштабный взрыв: 13 погибших и 6 раненых (фото, видео)

This is the second explosion in the Iranian capital for the last five days.

In the Northern part of Tehran at the medical clinic exploded. The incident resulted in killing 13 people. Six more were injured, they were taken to the hospital.

On 30 June, according to the Iranian news Agency Fars.

The explosion in the hospital happened because of a gas leak, reported state television, the Deputy Governor of Tehran Hamid Reza Kozari. On a scene rescuers arrived to extinguish the fire.

In the video, filmed by eyewitnesses fixed the time of the explosion and then thick black smoke.

“Dramatic footage of the explosion in North Tehran. According to preliminary reports, we are talking about the explosion of a gas cylinder. This happens after another gas explosion last week,” wrote the Director on matters of policy “Association against nuclear Iran”, by Jason Brodsky.

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