In Ternopil have died of the African student, who has discovered many terrible diseases

В Тернополе умерла африканская студентка, у которой обнаружили множество страшных болезней

In the intensive care unit of the hospital of Ternopil today (January 21) night, died 25-the summer citizen of Sierra Leone, who studied in TNEU.

Doctors struggling to fight for her life, but could not save. What was the reason for the death of a young girl will set the forensic examination. The body of foreign students has already sent for autopsy.

Has been reported to cause sudden death could “a bouquet” diseases with which the deceased was sick.

As reported in the hospital, the girl had serious health problems. At the time of hospitalization she was diagnosed with hepatitis b and C, tuberculosis, liver cirrhosis, multiple organ failure, cardiac failure, anorexia, chronic pancreatitis, oedema and renal failure, anemia, salt diabetes, the gallbladder dysfunction. The vital organs have ceased to function fully, which led to death.

On the death of an African student has reported to the Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone.