In Ternopil people were kidnapped to “cure” for a lot of money

На Тернопольщине людей похищали, чтобы "вылечить" за большие деньги

The Prosecutor’s office of Ternopil region has prosecuted organized criminal group of six persons who illegally deprive people of the freedom they have organized so-called rehabilitation centre. Recorded cases of theft from the home of drug addicts and people with alcohol dependence with the forced delivery of them in “rehabilitation” center.

In the course of investigation it was established that the attackers created pseudorevolutionary center for drug and alcohol addicted individuals, as well as for people addicted to gambling. Assuring relatives of patients in need of treatment without communication with the outside world, pseudorca were taken from patients with mobile phones and actually closed them in the room for a few months without any treatment.

Under the guise of providing remedial psychological help criminals, not having any relation to psychology, abused victims, humiliated their dignity. Doctor of the regional narcological dispensary Ternopil, being a part of this criminal group, after completion of treatment in a medical facility sent patients in pseudorevolutionary center for alleged psychological recovery and continue treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. In addition, the medic realize the examination of patients and prescribed them medicines which cause drowsiness and oppressed will, – said the Prosecutor’s office in Ternopil region.

The relatives of the patients pay for this “treatment” from 10 000 to 30 000 UAH per month. Currently 15 persons who were thus deprived of their liberty. The investigation is continuing. Against malefactors criminal case under article “Kidnapping and unlawful deprivation of their liberty, committed by a criminal group,” write “Facts”.