In Ternopil started the international medical rally

На Тернопольщине стартовало международное медицинское ралли

V international winter Cup teams of emergency medical care “the Kremenets medical rally 2020” morning began in the Ternopil region.

“The purpose of such events whose duration is 4 days, is improving the level of training of employees of system of emergency medical care in Ukraine on the basis of advanced technology of organizing and providing emergency medical care and training. The jury will determine among the participants of the rally the level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the provision of emergency medical and pre-medical aid at the prehospital stage”, – said the Agency head of the regional Department of health Vasyl Bogaychuk.

According to him, the rally consist of more than 10 rounds, during which teams must perform, according to European standards, a number of different tasks specific to critical and emergency situations.

In total, the competition involved 24 teams of centers for emergency medical aid from Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.