In Texas set a record for the shale oil

В Техасе установлен рекорд по добыче сланцевой нефти

The growth of the U.S. oil production is due to only one field – Permian basin.

In the U.S. state of Texas set a new record for the extraction of shale oil. About it writes The Times, citing a report profile associatiated Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association.

According to the published data, in 2018году in Texas was produced 1.54 billion shale oil. The previous record was set back in 1973 when 1.28 billion barrels.

It is noted that with the development of technology and the transaction of OPEC countries, which stabilized the prices with production cuts, the United States could deploy a second wave of shale gas revolution.

“The revival of American oil production is due only to one field, Permian basin, which stretches through West Texas to new Mexico. Over the past eight years, production has increased four times”, – writes the edition.

Due to the growth of shale oil production in Texas began to decline in world prices for “black gold” in 2014. It affected the economies of Russia and Saudi Arabia, which have since been forced to reduce their production to keep prices at a reasonable level.

“OPEC could not imagine that the Permian shale basin could become the world’s next oil producer, – quotes the edition the opinion of the former Secretary General of OPEC, Rene Ortiz. They could not imagine that one field – one field rather than the whole country will become a monster of their imagination”.

It is also reported that due to the growth of shale oil Semahot to impose sanctions against such major oil producing countries like Iran and Venezuela, not fearing the growth of gasoline prices in the domestic market.