In Texas successfully tested by a Ukrainian missile

В Техасе успешно испытали украинскую ракету

Private space Firefly Aerospace conducted the next test the engine for future rocket Alpha. In total the test lasted 60 seconds and was found to be successful.

By the way, the company is planning a test flight Alpha, but with three such engines. Most likely it will take place in December. This was reported by “UKRINFORM”.

Booster Alpha launch pad US air force base Vandenberg in California. The launch, which is developing the Firefly Aerospace Ukrainian businessman max Polyakov, scheduled for the second half of 2019.

В Техасе успешно испытали украинскую ракету

Rocket Alpha

What is known about the booster Alpha? Alpha – oxygen-kerosene rocket engines without the turbo and partially composite hull. Is created to output up to 1 ton of cargo to low-earth orbit and up to 600 kilograms to sun-synchronous. According to the developers, the price tag of the launch will be around $ 15 million. The main production of the missile sites are concentrated in Texas, but some equipment is being developed in Ukraine.

It is worth noting that the company of Ukrainian businessman Firefly Aerospace also intends to develop a heavy rocket Beta. It can fold out a few of the upgraded missile Alpha. The same method applies, for example, SpaceX with its Falcon Heavy, made up of three Falcon 9.

В Техасе успешно испытали украинскую ракету

Rocket Firefly Alpha and Firefly Beta

Beta design for delivery to low-earth orbit of up to 4 tons, and 3 tons for sun-synchronous.

Watch the video: engine test booster Alpha

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