In Thailand faced the train and bus: there are victims

В Таиланде столкнулись поезд и микроавтобус: есть жертвы

Why van went to the crossing before the train is still unknown. The police are going to interrogate the driver.

In the province of Lopburi in Thailand six people were killed and nine injured in a collision of passenger train and a minibus at a railway crossing. On Friday,April 12, reports the Bangkok Post.

The collision occurred in the morning. Minibus for an unknown reason drove onto the crossing, after closing his barrier, in a time when the long-distance train from Nongkhai – Bangkok at high speed driving up to it. The driver of the train started to slow down after seeing the car on the rails, but not in time to stop the team.

The minibus in which there were 15 people, was thrown from the rails on a concrete barrier. Four passengers of the vehicle died on the spot. Two more people died in hospital. Nine people, including the driver of the van received minor injuries, remain in hospital.