In Thailand, out of the cave fired four children: details

У Таїланді з печери звільнено чотирьох дітей: подробиці

Four of the rescued children are in good condition, they were taken to hospital

Two boys from the group of teenagers who spent two weeks in a flooded cave in Northern Thailand, was raised to the surface. As of the evening of 8 July, was rescued four children. Reports about it “Ліга.net”.

According to the head of the rescue operation of Narongsak Osathanon, four rescued are in good condition, they were taken to the hospital.

“We will continue rescue operations when we’re ready for it. We will soon be ready, we need to fill all the oxygen tanks and check the operation of all systems,” said Osathanon.

Only the operation involved in 90 divers, 40 of them are citizens of Thailand. According to Thai journalist Florian Tolstogo in the cave with the boys is an Australian doctor who decided to start the rescue of the weakest kids because now the conditions of salvation are the most favorable. In General, divers need to bring to the surface 12 teenagers with their coach. The age of the boys is from 11 to 16 years.

The children bring one. According to experts, on the way out of the cave they don’t have under water to do any independent action: save them are extremely experienced divers, and Teens just need to control myself and not to panic.

As reported 5.UA the children disappeared June 23 in the province of Chiang Rai Thailand after the cave where they went on the tour, was partially flooded by the downpour. Ukrainian diver who participated in the search for children trapped in the cave of Thailand, said that she learned of the incident through a social network, where he announced that help is needed. According to him, Thais do not have the military, who know how to dive in underwater caves, so a few experts went to help them.