In the “Atalanta” Ukrainian Malinovsky four workers died because of coronavirus

Ukrainian midfielder Ruslan Malinowski plays for the team Atalanta. She is from Bergamo, in the Lombardy province. This province suffered most from the coronavirus in Italy.

The official website of “Atlanta” published a report about the death of two workers. Albino Broni worked with the youth teams of Atalanta BC for almost 30 years. Severino of Possenti was a massage therapist at the club.

Before the club announced the death from the coronavirus of two trainers at the Academy “Atalanta” – Enzo Morandi and Enzo Donini. So the death toll as a result of infection Covid-19 in the “Atalanta” has reached four people.

  • The number of infected in Italy coronavirus – more than 53 thousand people. This is the second in the world after China.
  • As of March 22, killing 4 825 people. Three of these were Ukrainian.
  • In Bergamo, the bodies of the dead from coronavirus have to be transported out of the city. The local crematorium just can’t cope with so many bodies.
  • Among infected there are players. Covid-19 was found to have three players Juventus Daniele Abuse, Blaise Matuidi and Paulo Dibala. With Swearing and Debaloy contracted and their girls, the first of which was pregnant.
  • Also known cases of infection by the players of Sampdoria and Fiorentina.

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