In the beginning of the week: the weather forecasts

Какой будет погода в начале недели: прогноз синоптиков

Weather in Ukraine from 15 to 18 April, will change significantly: forecasters predict thunderstorms and Sunny weather. On Monday, the rain will cover the South and East of the country, on Tuesday and Wednesday it will be raining all over Ukraine. By Thursday, forecasters predict Sunny weather in all regions of our country.

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15 April weather in Ukraine will be warm, but in most areas of left-Bank Ukraine will be rain. The average daily temperature is equal to +10… +14 degrees (at night +5… +8 degrees). In the Central and Western regions a bit cooler +7… +10 degrees. At night there is frost, weather forecasters warned. Night temperature drops to -2… +1 degrees.

April 16 in the Western region is expected to sleet. In all regions of our country on Tuesday, showers are expected throughout the day. The level of heat in the South and East will remain at the same level.

In the West and centre of the country the temperature indicator will drop by 1-2 degrees. Windy weather is expected 7-12 m/s.

APR 17, in Ukraine is expected slight warming. In Western regions the level of heat will rise to +7…+12 degrees (night is expected to +3… +7 degrees Celsius). In the East of Ukraine, the temperatures are a little lower your performance temperature drops to +10… +13 degrees.

The same figures will be in the Central and southern regions of our country. Rainy weather will last until the night.

We have previously reported that the weather in may is shocking Ukrainians. And we can expect “surprises” from nature in the summer.