In the best traditions of DOOM Eternal. Published 17 minutes of gameplay Shadow Warrior 3 [VIDEO]

В лучших традициях DOOM Eternal. Опубликованы 17 минут геймплея Shadow Warrior 3 [ВИДЕО]

After the announcement of Shadow Warrior 3 took place exactly two weeks ago, the developers of action punctually share new information about their game. Recently Studio Flying Wild Hog published a 13-minute video with gameplay action, where demonstrated acrobatics, shootouts and spectacular fights in the spirit of Eternal DOOM.

The whole movie is one mission called “the Path to Motoko”. It shows how the main character, a corporate shogun Lo Wang, destroys dozens of youkai and tries to get to demon gates to help out his friend. Obvious similarities with the recent DOOM Eternal: the protagonist dodges enemy attacks, jerks, combines shooting with spectacular melee finishing moves and actively uses the hook-cat to maneuver in the battle arena.

Recall that the action of Shadow Warrior 3 will unfold in neo-feudal Japan. On the shoulders of Lo Wang will assume the task of preventing the Apocalypse. He will join forces with the other arch the Orochi Zilla, to catch the old dragon. Which, by the way, they also freed. For this they need the mask of a dead God, a dragon’s egg, and even magic.

The exact release date for Shadow Warrior 3, alas, not yet. When Steam just says the game will be released in 2021. The month is not specified. While among the stated platforms is PC only, but it is possible that later action game ported on console.