In the body of a man discovered the new virus

В организме человека обнаружен новый вирус

An international group of scientists has discovered a previously unknown type of virus in samples of body fluids of a person. The researchers looked for viruses that infect bacteria, known as bacteriophages. The team identified a total of 43 of bacteriophage in samples of body fluids of a person.

The importance of this discovery to combat antibiotic resistancethe Discovery of such phages in the human body particularly important because they can transfer resistance genes to antibiotics of the bacteria. Therefore, information on the prevalence and frequency of phages in humans, as well as the relationships between them. The findings of the group from the University of medical Sciences. Karl Landsteiner under the leadership of the Vienna University of veterinary medicine, which is currently published in the international journal, will make a significant contribution in this regard.“Dark matter” of the human body, the Experts describe this phenomenon as “viral dark matter” in the human body – only a few research groups around the world studied phages in humans.

The balance between different types of bacteria is critical to health. Besides, phages attack specific bacteria that, in turn, can seriously disrupt the bacterial balance.

“Increasing antibiotic resistance is a major problem that is growing worldwide, and we still know very little about how phages contribute to this”. – the study says.