In the brain, found the centers, forgetting the TV Channel news 24

У мозку виявили центри забування - Телеканал новин 24

Scientists have observed the processes in the brain when a person tries to forget something. They noticed an interesting detail.

This was stated by neuroscientists from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Britain, said in the journal Current Biology.

The experiment involved patients with epilepsy who were implanted in the brain electrodes to decide if we need to do.

Volunteers called a number of words, some of them are asked to remember, others to forget. Electrodes recorded brain activity during the experiment. It turned out, the participants do worse than remember the words that needed to forget.

As in the process of forgetting to answer the prefrontal cortex and a brain region is the hippocampus, important for memory, motivation, emotions, and sexual behavior.


These two areas were most active when participants tried to forget the words. Previously it was thought that the hippocampus is responsible for memory.

And it turned out that the prefrontal cortex can cause the hippocampus to erase information from memory. According to scientists, this discovery will help in the development of new drugs for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

What is epilepsy? This is a group of long-term neurological disorders, which are characterized by the occurrence of seizures – from the fleeting and almost imperceptible long before the appearance of seizures. For epilepsy is characterized by the sudden occurrence of seizures, with relapses within life.

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