In the Carpathian mountains was saved by a tourist that was looking for all night

В Карпатах спасли туристку, которую искали всю ночь

A tourist from the Dnieper river, lost in the Carpathians, was discovered by local residents after almost a long search. Reports a press about it-service gschs.

The disappearance of a woman became known in the evening on February 16. The rescue service got a call from Kiev and said that his 35-year-old girlfriend, resting well tourist base in the village of Pylypets for a long time not contacted. In search of women attended by 34 people – police, Rangers and locals on snowmobiles.

Also involved helicopter Mi-8, he overflew the area.

“At 13:45 local people who took part in the search, found the woman near the village of Bereznyaki in Svaliava district. The state of health satisfactory. The Mi-8 helicopter of the Ukrainian state emergency returns in Uzhgorod”, – the report says.