In the Carpathian region was the second day for an earthquake: what is the reason for the anomaly

На Прикарпатье произошло второе за сутки землетрясение: в чем причина аномалии

In the Dolinsk district of the Carpathian region the second earthquake occurred during the day. The tremors lasted for a few seconds.

This is stated in the story TSN.Sores. As locals told, the tremors were felt later in the evening. Without loss and panic. Later information was confirmed in the Main centre of special monitoring national space Agency of Ukraine and the Department of seismicity of Carpathian region of the Institute of Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The first earthquake occurred yesterday morning. Experts have estimated its magnitude 3.2, however, noted that for Ukraine this is an anomaly.

According to scientists, shakes it dolyns’kyi district, not only because of the active tectonic processes in the young Carpathian mountains, but also from a gas-production.

“In the Carpathians the major earthquakes occur in areas of oil and gas production. This Nadvirna, Dolyna, Borislav. In the process of oil production little changed the status of these species, which was oil. It triggers the release of the seismic energy, which is caused by tectonic processes,” – said senior researcher at Carpathian branch of Institute of Geophysics Andrew nazarewicz.