In the case of a judge, which stopped the licence SkyUp, opened the case

В отношении судьи, которая остановила лицензию SkyUp, открыли дело

Source: Supreme Council of justice

The high Council of justice has opened disciplinary proceedings against judges baryshevsky district court Elena Litvinenko, who had previously rendered a decision on the temporary termination of the license of the air carrier SkyUp.

Details: First, the disciplinary chamber of VSP received the complaint from the lawyer of the airline SkyUp Dmitry Tolkachev and the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko.

The results of the verification, the disciplinary chamber of the First GRP came to the conclusion that the information contained in complaints, can signal the presence in the actions of the judge of signs of a disciplinary offense under article 106 of the law of Ukraine “On judicial system and status of judges” (Substantial violation of procedural law in the administration of justice that led to the violation of the rules of the jurisdiction, the intentional or due to gross negligence doustnie violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms or other gross violation of the law, which led to significant negative consequences)

In the GSP believe that judge Elena Litvinenko, which rendered a decision on suspension of the licence SkyUp on the right of transportation of passengers “actually stopped the economic activity of the airline, is interference in the activities of companies” and when deciding about the presence or absence of the grounds for the suit “took into account only the plaintiff, ignoring the interests of the defendant and other users, the passengers.”

Earlier, Litvinenko was submitted to the High Council of justice a letter of resignation, which was to be considered on 18 July. During the meeting it became clear that she took his statement on 15 July


On 24 may, the judge of the court baryshevsky Elena Litvinenko issued a decision on suspension of the licence SkyUp, but it is not forbidden for the company to carry passengers to the dispute on the merits.

Later a resident of Baryshevka Oksana Pazenko filed a statement renouncing her alleged claim for SkyUp.

In addition, in the day when she Pasenko told the police that he had not filed a lawsuit to SkyUp, allegedly on her behalf, received a statement in the name of people’s Deputy Alexander Dubinin with the request to assist in the enforcement of the judgment.

The Deputy – a long-term Manager of the enterprises of the group “Privat”, controlled by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who also owns the company “Ukraine International airlines”.

Kolomoisky said that Dubinin “to it is not affiliated with”.

Soon, State Bureau of investigation beginning in the case of a judge Litvinenko criminal proceedings.

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