In the castle Pugacheva held the ancient ritual against coronavirus

В замке Пугачевой провели древний обряд против коронавируса

Everything that happens in the house were caught on camera.

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The luxurious castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin was conducted the rite for the expulsion of the coronavirus. To save his family from misfortune decided the children of the singer and the comedian. Lisa and Harry first drank something from an unusual vessel, and then began to run around the table with the mantra: “one, two, three – coronavirus, go away.”

Everything was recorded on camera, Maxim Galkin, who then posted the video with children in the social network. “The ancient rite of expulsion of the coronavirus,” explained the actor of what is happening.

Users are in awe of the artistry and ingenuity of the star children of the spouses. Commentators are confident that now the castle of the famous family sure is safe: “Well, this rite should definitely help,” “Thanks a lot for the expulsion of this wickedness”, “In difficult times the children have fun as they can”.

Earlier, the children Pugacheva and Galkina, who seem to know a lot about the Chinese virus, talked about their security measures. They urged everyone to wash their hands and use garlic, which is good in the fight against a new infection has not been proven.