In the center of the milky Way was a large-scale explosion: video

В центре Млечного Пути произошел масштабный взрыв: видео

Scientists have discovered evidence of a powerful explosion in the centre of the milky Way, which by the standards of the Universe occurred very recently – about 3.5 million years ago. Experts believe that the explosion was so powerful that the wave from it spread to hundreds of thousands world years.

What is known about the explosion in the center of the galaxy? Scientists from ASTRO 3D found that after the explosion in the center of the milky Way cone-shaped shock wave and emission of radiation spread from the poles of our galaxy at a distance of 200 thousand light years.

This event was called flash Seifert. According to astronomers, these effects can cause only nuclear processes from the activity of the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*, whose mass exceeds the mass of the Sun 4.2 million times.

The researchers found that flares after the explosion lasted for 300 thousand years is an extremely short time by the standards of the galaxy. Besides, in their calculations, during these events there was already a distant human ancestors, the Australopithecines.

The explosion in the center of the milky Way – watch the video

Conclusions. Astronomers say that prior to this discovery, the milky Way was considered a relatively calm galaxy. According to them, this discovery gives rise to a complete rethinking of evolution and the nature of our galaxy.

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