In the centre of the Dnieper for several centuries is the “spy” house (Photo)

В центре Днепра несколько столетий находится «шпионский» дом (Фото)

There is nothing strange in the fact that the address: street Voskresenskaya, 38 (until recently, Lenina St.), says nothing of the modern citizen. Meanwhile, this house left a trace in the history of the Dnieper. Tells The Yekaterinoslav – Dnepropetrovsk.

The beginning of the history of the house is usually for our city. 1790-ies, a large plot of land and modest house Mazanov. Then the house is more solid, but also quite modest, even by the standards of his time. In 1820-ies the estate was purchased by the clerk of Ekaterinoslav City police Athanasius Deev. After his death in the 1830’s, the house was left to the widow Anna Ignatyevna Deev and son Joseph, who owned them for several decades.

In the late 1870-ies of the owner of the house on Voskresenskaya street was already a German citizen Yakov Aermet. Instead of the former here in the mid-century houses in the area already has a large standing stone building. At least during the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78 the house Aermet already was among the largest private houses and Ekaterinoslav was occupied by the location of the rear of the hospital. In the 1880’s, the house was leased by the city authorities for the deployment of troops of the garrison. What military unit was located here at this time, the install failed. Somewhere at the turn of the 1880-90-ies of the house became the property of the engineer Wilhelm Y. Abermed, which began a major reconstruction.

Already in the 1890-ies the site address Voskresenskaya, 26, was densely built two-story buildings of tenement houses. As engineer Aermet opened here own technical office, involved in the design and construction of various networks. Fast enough technical office “Aermet William Y.” became only a division of fast growing company, which was engaged in the trade of English machinery and tools, the German agricultural machinery. Originated at the firm and the agent-the Commission Department.

Fast growing wealth did William Y. an influential member of the Lutheran society and even a member of the Church Council. It can even be called the richest and most powerful citizen of the German Empire, who lived in Ekaterinoslav. This led to the choice of the German foreign Ministry, when, in connection with the emergence of a large number of German companies, the need arose to open a diplomatic mission in the city. In 1890-ies Wilhelm Aermet became the Imperial German Vice-Consul in Yekaterinoslav. The premises of the Vice-Consulate was combined with the premises of its technical office. With all the increasing influence of William Y. his new job was not difficult, because the particular frictions that require his intervention in the city, almost was not. But the position, quite possibly, had another aspect.

Today it is impossible with certainty to say that Aermet was a spy, however, some facts of the early twentieth century looks quite interesting. From 1900 to 1910 of the room in his house was rented by the management of the 53rd infantry reserve brigade. In the mid 1900-ies were located here also Ekaterinoslav gendarmerie police Railways. Maybe the house was just convenient for the accommodation establishments, especially in 1900-ies Aermet demolished his father’s stone house and built in its place a new two-storey building, which probably was the special office building. The house Aermet was long enough and flat merchant heads Theophanes Pavlovich Dedicova. I.e. the possibility of collecting information in favor of their country of Wilhelm Y. has been more than significant, but did he or not we cannot say.

In any case, his activities, though legal, although illegal, was interrupted with the outbreak of the First world war. In October 1914, under paragraph 18 of article 19 of the regulations on the localities declared under martial law, the property of the former German Vice-Consul was sequestered (taken in the administration of the state until the end of the war). The fate of Aermet remains unknown. As a member of the diplomatic corps he was untouchable and could be sent to Germany. In November 1914, in the buildings tried to put a military hospital, but refused from this idea due to inconvenience of the premises. At the end of the year it was transferred Alexis orphanage Charitable society, and from the middle of 1915, began to deploy and refugees from the Western provinces.

In April 1918, after the entry into the city by Austrian troops sekvenirovanie all the property was returned to owners, although not all owners could be found. Appeared in Wilhelm Abermed, install failed. The German office in the city did not open any more. Hetman of the city was included in the scope of the Kharkiv Consulate. At the end of the civil war the building became residential. Property – apartments, offices, warehouses were turned into communal. And at the end of 1920-ies of the body, facing the street, was built on new floors. The whole decor of them were shot down, and the house turned into an ugly box.

В центре Днепра несколько столетий находится «шпионский» дом (Фото)

В центре Днепра несколько столетий находится «шпионский» дом (Фото)

В центре Днепра несколько столетий находится «шпионский» дом (Фото)