In the Chernobyl reserve has warned about the threat of new fires in the exclusion zone of NPP

В Чернобыльском заповеднике предупредили об угрозе новых пожаров в зоне отчуждения АЭС

In the Chernobyl radiation-ecological biosphere reserve warned that now in the midst of fire season and fire danger has not disappeared. So you need to careful with fire outdoors.

A warning appeared on the Facebook page of the organization.

The reserve noted that massive April fires in the Chernobyl exclusion zone have been put out due to the atypical temperature and abundant rainfall. Due to sheer luck, many have forgotten that the danger of fires will not go away.

And in vain, as the fire-dangerous period will last a few months. Summer heat and strong winds are the favorable factors for the spread of fire. It can flare up again due to a cigarette butt, thrown matches, outstanding fire, ignited trash or smoldering underground coal and peat fires.

Therefore, the reserve staff are encouraged to be vigilant and cautious when dealing with fire.