In the Chernobyl reserve showed a photo of a bright beetle, which is very similar to bumblebee

В Чернобыльском заповеднике показали фото яркого жука, который очень похож на шмеля

Staff of the Chernobyl radiation-ecological biosphere reserve has published a photo of a beetle with a bold bright coloring. It is referred to as Voskovec bandaged, Boskovic ordinary, Boskovic striped or striped pestrak.

The picture appeared on Facebook of the organization.

This small beetle from a distance can be mistaken for a bumblebee, as the most common variant of its color – yellow with black bands. Although up close it is clear that the beetle doesn’t look much like a bumblebee: its breast and abdomen are thickly covered with dense reddish hairs. On them clings a lot of pollen.

Flying between the flowers, the beetles contribute to cross-pollination.

The area of distribution of the beetle is very wide: it covers the territory of Europe and Asia from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.

Beetles fly from early summer until the first half of September, and are diurnal. Especially often they can be found on the flowers of umbelliferous plants, elderberry, Popovica, meadowsweet, rose hips and other plants.

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