In the city of Kyiv told how to run schools and kindergartens after the easing of quarantine

В мэрии Киева рассказали, как будут работать школы и садики после ослабления карантина

The Director of the Department of education and science of Kyiv city state administration Olena Fidanyan told how as will work of schools and kindergartens after the weakening quarantine.

“We are opening kindergartens and schools in the conditions when information about the state of health of the child canceled. This innovation was made a year ago in the framework of the reform of medicine. Therefore, now the responsible decision to return the pupil/student in a children’s team rests exclusively on parole parents, which should confirm the satisfactory condition of their child and the lack of contacts with patients.

Remember that Kyiv is a large metropolis, in the schools every day which is more than 400 thousand children.

In Kiev, we planned the next steps.

The first is to buy everything needed to prepare for the future work of children’s institutions: to provide educational institutions disinfectant, detergent, antiseptic, non-contact thermometers, PPE, etc. Suggest to start with this to all communities.

This job we completed in advance, during a quarantine period. Because the purchase for the budget – process difficult and long (14 to 40 days). If funds are not provided, and the procedure is not running, the antiseptics will not appear in the kindergarten or school tomorrow.

The second stepto prepare the premises establishments to the discovery of the needs people today also quarantined. First must earn the transport that will allow workers to get to jobs. The preparation stage involves disinfection of the premises, and ascertain the health status of facility staff and children, ready to visit. According to our calculations, this stage can last from 10 to 14 days.

Thirdthe immediate return. First you need to decide whom and when to return.

From the statements of the representatives of the government, we know that Ukrainian students will not sit at desks in this school year. 2019/2020 academic year complete remotely. Unlike a number of European countries, we have remote training is conducted in an orderly manner. Occurred and assessing students that gives you the opportunity to take the children to the next grade. Traditionally June is the month of the work of school camps, educational practices, opportunities for appeal of annual assessments, decision-making teaching suggestions on the issue (4, 9 and 11 classes) and transfer students. We have several scenarios of the June educational life. Among them – carrying out individual and group consultations for students in the primary school (the government has announced that school camps and the need to care for small children of working parents certainly have) and for graduates (in subjects mcqs). Also, if necessary, will provide the opportunity to conduct appeal procedures.

According to our estimates, the return from quarantine in summer, more will affect the preschool. And this is the area of responsibility solely of local authorities. Deputy Kyiv mayor Mondrievsky announced the allocation of 24.5 million UAH for the operational purchase of detergents and disinfectants for schools. In educational institutions of Kiev has already been delivered and continuing supply of the necessary disinfectants, detergents and antiseptic agents, educational space adapt to life in extreme conditions: removed carpets and soft toys, pereformuliruem of the room, equip the place for the collection and disposal of personal protection equipment, etc.

According to our forecasts, the service of preschool education in the summer will benefit all the people of Kiev. The average attendance of kindergartens to quarantine restrictions in the city (from September 2019 through February 2020) was slightly more than 60%. Having regard to the European statistics, the percentage of parents who will bring children in institutions in June, will be lower than usual during this period. And we, in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations, prepare all preschool institutions of the capital to restore their work.

Schools without teachers, kindergarten teachers without

The decision to open each individual school or kindergarten will be made on the basis of the conclusion, confirmed by the relevant act readiness.

The training in the capital’s schools and kindergartens, we pay attention to the following important points.

Return to preschool workers and children is possible only under the condition that they are healthy. Accessible to parents and unauthorized persons in children’s institutions will be limited. Communication of teachers with parents will be implemented in remote mode.

As you know, the paragraph on the temporary suspension from work in kindergartens individuals from risk groups (those who have reached 60 years of age, and who has chronic diseases that depress immunity) has published draft recommendations for the organization of anti-epidemic measures, according to which kindergartens will be required to work in conditions of quarantine.

Movement of children on the premises of the institution should be clearly itemized for groups/classes and events – cancelled. Everyday habit will be a daily screening temperature children at home before going to school and re-screening at school or kindergarten.

If the epidemiological situation will not improve until 1 September, or, on the contrary, there are new outbreaks may we introduce learning in shifts or change start of classes. Also work out the possibility of the operation of the spare inputs and outputs. This will help to avoid congestion of children on entry to school and exit from it.

We will ask schools, so they have abandoned the office. If this is not possible (the lessons of chemistry, physics, biology, a subdivision in the study of objects, etc.), it is obligatory observance of rules of sanitary processing of premises after each shift, the classroom group.

The world has so lived. All countries learn to return to a normal life in conditions of partial quarantine restrictions. Life after returning to educational institution can develop according to several scenarios. They all depend on the epidemiological situation in the country/city and, by and large, from how quickly humanity will rise to this challenge. Therefore, quarantine restrictions can have a wavy character from the easing of restrictions for tougher restrictive measures and Vice versa. In which direction to move to us will depend on the responsible actions of the entire community.

At the same time, the layoff of workers who are more than 60 years, will lead to the “decapitation of kindergartens and schools.” Every fourth Director in any of the educational institutions of Kyiv falls under this age category.

We must behead some kindergartens and schools, because every fourth Director of the garden school in Kiev – is “a person who has attained 60 years of age”, therefore local authorities will be obliged to remove him temporarily from work,” said Fidanyan.