In the city of Melitopol told what will happen to the TB clinic (photo, video)

В мэрии Мелитополя рассказали, что будет с туббольницей (фото, видео)

Today in the inpatient unit of the Melitopol TB dispensary held a meeting of representatives of labor collective with the Director of the Department of health of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Victoria Klymenko, the head of Zaporizhzhya regional utilities ftiziopulmonologiya diagnostic and treatment center Alexander Tishchenko. The city was represented by the head of the city health Department Larissa Saprykina, the first Deputy of the mayor of Irina Rudakova, head of golfinopoulou Ian Shepherd. Discussed the question of the continued existence of a stationary separation of tubercolosis, which was on gray closure.

A workshop with the staff of the hospital Department Melitopol tubercolosis initiated the first Deputy of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Ivan Fedorov. Representatives of the municipality of Melitopol insisted that any closure of tubercolosis in question was not. March 18 at city Council session the people’s Deputy Sergey Minko addressed to deputies of city Council with a request to hold his appeal to the Central government, demanding not to close the Melitopol TB dispensary. Local deputies unanimously supported the initiative of the Deputy of BP.

– About any closure of the hospital and of speech can not be. We talked about partial optimization. Staffing 107 in the hospital. And in fact employs 90 people. Only 70 beds in a health facility and of these, 67 are occupied. With such a saturation of the bed we can’t talk about the hospital closing. But given the fact that currently the hospital employs 90 people, and according to the 107 States, some partial optimization can be carried out. But this is only preliminary data. There has been no decision on this issue was not accepted, – said the first Deputy mayor Irina Rudakova.

We will remind, for the preservation of the Phthisiology service in the Zaporozhye region and Melitopol in particular and in Ukraine in General, was made by the Melitopol Deputy Sergey Minko. In its appeal to the Prime Minister Denis Shmyhalou he demanded to resume the funding network of TB hospitals to prevent their closure, given that the Zaporozhye region ranks first in Ukraine in terms of the incidence of child tuberculosis. And among the adult population – is among the top five for the spread of tuberculosis.

Literally Friday night Denis Shmyhal has reported that nedofinansirovanie medicine: of tubercolosis and mental institutions, from state teacher training budget is allocated more than 4 bln. Of them, 2.3 billion should cover the cost of psychiatry and tubercolosis. Given these changes and the opinions of the doctors of tubercolosis to be a common sequence of actions and becomes aware that waiting the hospital from 1 July.

– I repeat that there is no threat of closing the hospital for today. We understand that in the hospital has a large staff of professional doctors – our citizens. Moreover, Melitopol became the center of the southern Ukraine. And every case of tuberculosis patients in public transport should travel to the regional center, – said Irina Rudakova.

Thus, the TB clinic in Melitopol is not closed, but partially optimized. And here’s how it will cut the end of the week the authorities promised to report further, taking into account state, regional funding. There is also a possibility of additional funding from the local budget, if necessary.