In the city of Zaporozhye region returned COVID-19

В город Запорожской области вернулся COVID-19

СCOVID-19 after a long absence returned to Berdyansk

Over the past few days in the city recorded two new cases of coronavirus.

One case of laboratory confirmed on 19 may, the second today, may 21.

Both cases returned from abroad.

Both with complaints to deterioration of health addressed to family doctors.

The woman turned to the therapist about the coughing and the fever, told about the latest case of the disease, the Director of the POLICLINIC of the Berdyansk Elena pulkin. – The mobile team of the health Centre taken the PCR test that was sent to the lab of Zaporozhye.

Today, may 21, was a positive result.

Today the patient is hospitalized in infectious Department.

The contact person also surveyed the mobile brigade of the Center for primary health care, tests today were taken in Kiev.

As in all cases COVID-19, conducted epidemiological investigations and that the necessary anti-epidemic and disinfection measures.

The case was revealed today, so in the regional statistics have not yet entered.

The same algorithm was observed on may 19. As told Elena pulkin, may 18 went to the family doctor by phone with complaints of cough. The woman crossed the border, abroad was “away”, as told by the doctors.

To the sick were sent to a mobile team of first. PCR was sent to Kiev. On may 19 the analysis confirmed a positive result COVID-19.

Contact group patients doctors examined.

Thus, in Berdyansk with the beginning of the epidemic revealed 7 cases of coronavirus COVID-19.

Four people recovered, 1 died, 2 persons hospitalized.