In the coalition the United States has announced plans to continue the fight against “Islamic state”

В коалиции США заявили о планах продолжить борьбу с "Исламским государством"

The international coalition led by the United States in the fight against grouping “Islamic state” intends to concentrate on the destruction of the foci of the organization and eliminate the terrorists operating outside of Syria and Iraq.

The meeting of foreign Ministers of member countries of the coalition was held Wednesday, February 6, in Washington.

Inasmuch as conventional military efforts against ISIS in Syria are approaching the peak and transferred to the subsidiary and not the Central role, the coalition members will open the discussion for planning the next phase of the campaign. This may include efforts to prevent the return of ISIS to the insurgency in Syria and Iraq, the fight against cross-border networks, branches and centres of the IG, which continue to be significant, and in some cases growing threat to the members of our coalition

– said in a statement following the meeting.

In particular, the meeting participants noted the need to take action to fighters and supporters of ISIS “was held accountable for their support or participation in the terrorist campaign of the IG in accordance with international law”.

The Ministers stressed that these efforts will consider the possibility of a more rapid exchange of information about militants and evidence of their involvement in the fighting between coalition partners or on a bilateral basis, “or, whenever possible, through global networks such as Interpol.”

The US and its allies in 2014 carried out an operation against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. In December, the President of the United States Donald trump announced that American troops would be withdrawn from Syria in connection with the victory over the “Islamic state”.

So the United States won the “Islamic state” or not? The President of the United States Donald trump 19 Dec 2018 announced that his country’s military defeated the terrorists of the “Islamic state” in Syria. So the White house gave the order to withdraw US troops from Syria.

Through the wave of misunderstanding as in the international arena and among political elite of the USA, retired from her position as the U.S. representative to the international coalition Brett Mcguirk and Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis, trump changed his mind.

The US left some troops in the South of Syria indefinitely after withdrawal of the main contingent, which they began to withdraw 11 Jan 2019.

Wednesday, February 6, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly supported the amendment, warns against hasty withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

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6 Feb


В коалиции США заявили о планах продолжить борьбу с "Исламским государством"