In the company of SpaceX: the U.S. army has chosen the Ukrainian company for missions in orbit

В компании из SpaceX: армия США выбрала украинское предприятие для миссий на орбите

Air forces of the USA has selected 8 companies for the program Orbital Services Program-4 (OSP-4). Among these companies are Firefly Aerospace, which is owned by Ukrainian businessman max Polyakov.

As reported by SpaceNews, this program is designed for small and medium payloads weighing more than 400 pounds (181 kg).

Eight companies, which were chosen for the project needs to deliver this payload into orbit within two years after receipt of the order.

Full list selected for the mission of companies is:

  1. Firefly Aerospace
  2. SpaceX
  3. Xbow Launch Systems
  4. Northrop Grumman
  5. United Launch Alliance
  6. Aevum
  7. Vox Space
  8. Rocket Lab

The project budget OSP-4 is 986 million dollars. According to the contract, 8 companies will receive approximately 50 thousand dollars. Thus OSP-4 of the U.S. air force seek to benefit from the development of a small launcher industry.

What is known about Firefly Aerospace?
Is a Ukrainian-American company that develops light carrier rockets to launch cargo into space. Firefly was founded in 2014 by a group of American entrepreneurs. However, in April 2017, the company was forced to declare bankruptcy. Then all of her assets, patents and licensing agreements were bought by Ukrainian businessman Maxim Polyakov. On the basis of his company EOS Launcher and bought Firefly Space Systems Firefly was created by Aerospace.

In may 2018 Firefly Aerospace has opened in the river research centre. Now there are about 150 employees. The center received the largest in Ukraine industrial D printer, designed for printing on metal. The company also has offices in Washington and Tokyo.

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