In the cosmetics store krivorozhane stole a purse (VIDEO)

В магазине косметики у криворожанки украли кошелек (ВИДЕО)

April 1 in one of the shops of cosmetics in Dolgintsevskiy the area of Krivoy Rog woman stole wallet from backpack of a girl when she was standing at the checkout. The theft was recorded by surveillance cameras.

Krivorozhane someone stole a purse, said that on Wednesday around 15:15 in the store on Prospekt Gagarina, 63 from her backpack pulled out a purse with money, driver’s license and certified fitness trainer.

Note that the press service of the Krivoy Rog police Department confirmed the theft. Now law enforcement officers versed in the details proisshestviya.

If you knew or saw the suspect in the theft of a woman, then report it to the police room 102 or write to journalists.

Earlier version of the “First of Krivoy Rog” reported that antiseptic, respirators and gloves stolen from the car of krivorozhane.

According to the materials: