In the Czech Republic you can rent the Soviet “Lada”

В Чехии можно арендовать советские «Жигули»

“Jiguli” or Lada 1300 – familiar VAZ-21011, which has a 69-horsepower engine of 1.3 liters. The production of this model was carried out at the plant “AVTOVAZ” from 1974 to 1983.

The main differences from the “unity” is the presence of a grille with more frequent rods, additional slots under it, changed lights, more comfortable seats and the lack of “fangs” on the bumper, which is mounted the rubber strip.

So, the price of a trip to the “Implike” the company Hotelnakolech is 1799 CZK (5430 RUB). This cost is estimated at forty-minute promenade (or 27 km) in the passenger seat. If you wish to drive, you will need to give 1999 CZK (a little more than 6000 rubles.). Gasoline is included in the price – to pay for separately is not necessary.