In the days of magnetic storms will help a special diet – a doctor’s advice

В дни магнитных бурь поможет специальная диета - советы врача

In the world millions of people experience ailments in the days of magnetic storms. Such people are called barometers. Sports medicine physician from Melitopol Vladimir Bukin in the latest edition of “Your health” will tell you what diet is to adhere to the climate in the days of magnetic storms.

As a rule, people-barometers are those who suffer from chronic diseases: rheumatoid, ischemia, hypertension, glaucoma. As soon as the changing atmospheric fronts or magnetic fluctuations, they have deteriorating health. To alleviate their condition can be due to daily exercise, training and diet, I’m sure Vladimir Bukin. For weather-sensitive people there is your diet which they should adhere to in the days of magnetic storms.

– Try to go to the dairy-vegetable diet. The diet should include: cabbage, carrots, beetroot, fruits, dried fruits. Sugar – the main enemy of our immune system, it is necessary to exclude from a diet at least these days. And most common cabbage in which are acid slow the formation of fat from carbohydrates and the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels. Sauerkraut and fresh must necessarily be in the diet of people affected by magnetic storms. During heat treatment, by the way, the cabbage loses its properties. Only in its raw form it is useful. But beets, carrots, apples, on the contrary more useful. The meat in the days of magnetic storms should not be taken, as it puts a load on our liver. And the liver is the main organ producing antioxidants that have protective substances capable of neutralizing free radicals, says sports medicine physician Vladimir Bukin.

This diet will help you transfer the days of magnetic storms.