In the disassembly Podolsky bridge featured firms “looking” in Kiev and the late Sbushnika

В разборках по Подольскому мосту фигурируют фирмы «смотрящего» по Киеву и покойного СБУшника

In the conflict over the construction of the Podil bridge in Kiev featured the company OOO “EKO-Stroy-trade” and OOO “Engineering and bridge company,” reported Movement “Honestly”.

“Bridge engineering” company performed work on subcontract from the General contractor “EKO-Stroy-trade.” According to a representative of Vladimir Bolikova subcontractor, the General contractor owed them almost 200 million.

“We don’t sign acts of performed works. For example, no certificate of completion that rusty dismantled temporary support. No. They disassembled! See all this, but the act was not signed. And can we not to pay, and to say that we owe money because we took an advance payment. But we need more than pre-payment of almost 200 million hryvnias, the accounting Department knows best. We did a lot of work, and laid the asphalt, and did the drainage, and painted, made expansion joints and so on. When we a year ago, he came to check on the bridge worked 185 employees,” says Bolechow.

August 6, “bridge Engineering company” took place with the construction guys – the steel cables which secure the suspension bridge construction.

The mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko said that the bridge was held bandit action and announced the opening of criminal proceedings.

“All the guys in town paid off. And I regard such actions of the contractors and subcontractors as a blatant sabotage and willful delay in construction”, – said Klitschko.

OOO “EKO-Stroy-trade” after the election of mayor Vitali Klitschko received the contracts for the construction of Podolsky bridge 6.10 billion. Officially the founders of the firm are Eugene Rastorguev and Maxim Polovko. As reported “Bihus.Info” at the residence address Polovko previously was listed as the Kiev apartment of the wife of Denis Komarnicki.

According to the people’s Deputy from “public Servants” geo Leros, ex-Deputy of the Kyiv city Council Denis komarnicki is the ultimate beneficiary “EKO-Stroy-trade”, along with the owner of the Corporation “ukrbud” Maxim Minicases (now under investigation) and former head of GASI Sergey Kucher.

According to Leros, after coming to the Office of the President Andriy Yermak, komarnicki became a “dog” in the capital, who oversees the construction industry, land, architecture, medicine, and energy companies.

On the eve of the conflict on the bridge in early August, the owner and Director of “the Engineering bridge company” was the inhabitant of Kiev Andrey Shunevich.

According to “youcontrol”, informed by the founders for several years was listed the former Deputy of the Kharkov city Council Tatiana Shevchenko and former employee of the interior Ministry and security service Jurij vandin. Shevchenko and Wandin have been involved in a number of companies receiving significant contracts in the system of the Ukrainian railway and construction.

Jurij vandin died in December 2019. In 1995-1998 he headed GU Ministry of internal Affairs on fight against organized crime, which was investigating the murder of Eugene Shcherban in Donetsk airport. Subsequently transferred to the SBU, where he headed the main Directorate for combating corruption, in the early 2000s he was Deputy Chairman of the security services. Discharged from military service in 2005.

Wandin was a business partner of the Donetsk businessman Igor Marinkov who was a witness for the prosecution against Yulia Tymoshenko in the murder of Yevhen Shcherban.