In the Dnipropetrovsk region in the hands of 20-year-old boy exploded electronic cigarette

На Днепропетровщине в руках у 20-летнего парня взорвалась электронная сигарета

The surgeon Evgeny Taranyuk announced that on Thursday, January 31, in Pavlograd in the hands у20-year-old boy exploded electronic cigarette, causing the young man received a lacerated wound of the leg, opened cherepno-a brain trauma, hitting of foreign body in the soft tissue of the head, reports TV-news.

“An e-cigarette exploded when the guy dropped the cigarette down. And if it exploded from the person, the injury would have been much more serious. In my experience such injuries are treated first.

Surgeons say that without surgery, the meninges not damaged. But will consult with laramy, a CT scan, ” – said Eugene Terenik.