In the Donbass agreed to a dilution of the forces

На Донбассе согласовали разведение сил

Ukrainian military will have a breeding forces in the Village of Lugansk for three days from 26 to 28 June.

The commander of operations of the combined forces of Alexander Cerski met with representatives of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE to discuss the issue of withdrawal of forces in the Village of Lugansk. Reported headquarters of the NFB in Facebook.

As reported, during the meeting it was agreed that the breeding of forces in the Village of Lugansk will take place over three days from 26 to 28 June.

“Breeding of forces and means at site No. 1 planned to carry out within three days. In the period from 26 to 28 June. Another day is given for the exercise of the official statement on the breeding effort and money. And another day to conduct the inspection of the OSCE SMM performance of obligations under the breeding and announcement of the results of breeding parties”, – said the Agency.

Sirsky stressed that the Ukrainian side is completely ready to performance of obligations.

“In addition, there is a concern about readiness to mirror the actions of the other (separatists – ed.) side. Especially regarding the output from the opposite side of the KPVV construction off-site breeding,” – said in the headquarters.

Earlier it was reported about escalation of the situation in the Donbass. On Tuesday, June 25, the separatists 32 times violated the ceasefire, injuring five soldiers and two were combat injuries.