In the elections in the North of Macedonia, the leader of the Pro-Western candidate

На выборах в Северной Македонии лидирует прозападный кандидат

At the election of the President of North Macedonia ranks first Pro-Western candidate Stevo Pendarovski with the results of treatment of 57% of the ballots 45% of the vote, according to data of the Central electoral Commission North of Macedonia.

His closest rival, opposition candidate Gordan Siljanovska-Davkova, yet scored 41% of votes.

If none of the candidates receive more than 50 percent of the votes of all registered voters in the first round, two weeks later, on may 5, will be held the second round between the two candidates with the highest number of votes in the first round. Third party elections, the candidate of the Albanian parties Wide of the River, most likely out of the presidential race, as scored just 11.7% of the votes.

Northern Macedonia is the first presidential election with a new country name and the sixth since independence from Yugoslavia in 1990-ies.

12 Feb Macedonia officially change the name to Republic of Northern Macedonia.

The dispute regarding the name Macedonia lasted about 30 years. Greece blocked European aspirations of Macedonia, protesting the name of the state that Athens is considered the Greek ethnonym.

2 June 2018 Prime Ministers of Macedonia and Greece announced that the new constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia will be “Northern Macedonia”.

On 19 October, the Macedonian Parliament by a majority of voters supported the changes to the Constitution necessary to rename the country.

11 January 2019, the Parliament approved the new text of the Constitution as amended.

On 25 January, the Greek Parliament approved the agreement on renaming the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of North Macedonia.

6 February 29 the ambassadors of the countries – members of NATO signed the Protocol on the accession of Macedonia.