In the Epic Games Store handing out free Pathway and The Escapists 2

В Epic Games Store бесплатно раздают Pathway и The Escapists 2

Epic Games Store decided not to interrupt the tradition of the giveaways of the games in 2020. Now users can pick up great games.

First, Epic Games surprised everyone and made the distribution of GTA V, then the developers made a distribution of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Overcooked ARK: Survival Evolved and a collection of Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection. Now Epic Games Store launched a weekly free distribution of games, which got the game Pathway 2 and The Escapists. It is reported by CI Tech.


A Pathway is a turn – based strategy game in the spirit of adventure tabloid novels beginning of XX century. In the court 1936. The world is going through hard times: the impact of the Third Reich is growing not only in Europe but in the middle East. There are rumors of secret excavations and mysterious artifacts, from mouth to mouth passed on legends about creepy cults and violent rituals of the Desert… waiting for you and your team of brave adventurers. Explore dungeons and temples of North Africa, uncover their secrets and find the treasures before they fall into the hands of the Axis. Get ready for an exciting and dynamic team fights: use cover, workarounds, and special skills of their fighters to turn the tide of battle. On the way to the cherished goal you will find procedurally generated map and the adventure that you choose yourself. From how you act in risky situations, will depend on your success. But do not forget that each mission can be passed repeatedly, however, each time you restart you will have to wait for a new adventure.


  • Dynamic adventures. 5 campaigns with different difficulty levels and a new chain of events each time you restart…
  • A difficult choice. In each event you will a chain of adventures to choose who will come to you. To search the well? To save the villagers? You decide.
  • Tactical battle. Turn-based battles, where a crucial role will be played by the use of cover and proper placement of the fighters. Use all the skills of team members and available equipment to defeat the enemy.
  • Assemble your team of adventurers. Each of the 16 characters available in the Pathway, its own characteristics and its own set of skills that will help you in battle and in peaceful environment.
  • Search of treasure. All found artifacts can be sold and the proceeds spent on new weapons and equipment of your team.
  • Relax and play again. If you fail to pass the first time, change the team and go into battle – and so on to the bitter end.
  • Incredible graphics. The graphics in the game a classic 16-bit consoles, but with detailed study of the depth, lighting, shadows, and combining pixel and voxel technology.

The Escapists 2

It is immediately noted that the release of The Escapists 2 postponed at the last moment due to technical problems, and it is not yet available for retrieval. The developers promise to add a game in the near future. The Escapists 2 is a strategy role-playing game, developed by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17. Is a continuation of the game The Escapists released in 2015. In the game the player takes control of a prisoner who displayed top-down. The prisoner must follow a daily routine in prison, at the same time to perform tasks other prisoners and to look for opportunities to escape. In The Escapists 2 is the system of creating items, such as shovels, tasers and dolls, allowing you to confuse the guards. Once the character is caught, all the progress is lost, and the prisoner is placed in solitary confinement. P compared with its predecessor, the game has a wider range of prisons, including the means of transport for prisoners and places of detention set in space. There are also more options for the character. The game features an enhanced combat system that allows players to capture objectives, block, and perform light and heavy attacks. The game has both local and cooperative modes. Two players can help each other, when the characters escape from prison. Competitive multiplayer tournament – the confrontation between the four players, and the fastest who escapes from prison wins.

Game The Escapists Pathway and 2 are already available on the Epic Games Store, and pick them up free of charge is possible until 18:00 on June 25, so you have almost a week. This time, Epic Games decided not to keep the suspense and called the game, which will give in the next time – they were AER Memories of Old and Stranger Things 3: The Game.